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More film ideas

People may use my material below WITHOUT ASKING ME. People may use this material below FREE OF CHARGE, so if you have used it, or intend to use it, you do not owe me anything, BUT, if you do make money out of my ideas (film that is successful, etc) you could CHOOSE to give me a few dollars or so (but you do not have to) and possibly more if the film goes big (but you do not have to). Part of the idea is to give script writers, movie makers, etc, material that is worry-free. You may start writing and planning immediately using my material below without having to pay me anything in future, but if you are successful you might want to consider paying me a few dollars - a gentleman's agreement rather than a formal one. If I do receive money it will encourage me to put up more ideas on this blog.
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ON A SMALLER SCALE:  Schools, private persons, and other entities are welcome to write plays, short stories, books  and so on based on the ideas below.  They may do this free of charge, without any obligation to pay me anything, but if they do want to pay me something please do.

The following draws from content of "The Gospel of Matthew" by the famous biblical authority Rev William Barclay:
When we begin to examine we see that there is every reason for believing that Mark was the first of the gospels to be written and that Matthew and Luke are using Mark as a basis. Matthew and Luke "improve" on Mark:
Mark1:34: And He healed MANY...
Matthew8:16 ... and He healed ALL...
Luke 4:40: .. and He laid hand on EVERYONE.
Barclay says of Matthew that he is prepared to use any text at all that can be made to fit a prophecy, even though it originally had nothing to do with the question at hand.
Matthew quotes a prophecy, "He shall be called a Nazarene." In fact there is no such text in the Old Testament (Nazareth is not mentioned at all in the Old Testament). Some have suggested that Matthew was playing on the words of Isaiah 11:1, but no one can tell for sure.
Concerning the slaughter of children by Herod (Matthew 2:16-18), Matthew says that this is the fulfillment of the prophecy "A voice was heard in Rama, weeping and much lamenting..." (Jeremiah 31:15). Here Barclay says that the verse in Jeremiah has no connection with Herod's slaughter of the children and that the picture in Jeremiah is this: Jeremiah was picturing the people of Jerusalem being led away into into exile.
There are many more instances that can be cited.
MOVIE IDEA: In the movie people set out to find out if preachers and others have a tendency to copy Matthew. Do they tend to make up things? The investigators use a confidence interval program to try to determine this. Conftwoprop can be downloaded from and I think they check for viruses - check when you download. Anyone may use my ideas free. 

2) THE STATISTICIAN: A statistician called A Prober has been reading about Ivan Illich and his influence on development in countries. He decides to conduct a whole lot of statistical surveys to help people become aware of their social problems. He writes two computer programs: 1) A program that allows people to get an idea of the popularity of programs, politicians and so on (called Confidence). 2) A program that allows one to say if there is a significant difference of opinion between two groups (called Group Difference). Group Difference takes samples from two different groups of people. Prober now makes the statistics programs available to the general public and asks them to do statistical surveys. People find that it is easy to enter homes when they say they are doing surveys. They start surveying on the following topics:
1) Are couples more sexually satisfied with uncircumcised (intact) partners than with circumcised partners?
2) Evidence suggests that corporal punishment can cause a small amount of calcium to be deposited in the buttocks (see article 10 in the other post). Do people who have had corporal punishment experience a bad feeling in the buttocks and has does this interfere with the marriage or their sex life?
3) It has been said that prescription medication, such as tranquillisers can cause people to be less inhibited and that this can cause more violence, petty theft and so on (do they feel OK even when stealing, etc?)
4) I personally have heard a Muslim and a Christian arguing about who can be saved. The survey asks people of other religions (other than Christians) whether the preaching that only Christians can be saved annoys them.
5) School pupils take the computer programs to schools and survey their drug-taking friends then others to determine if there is a higher rate of failing of exams amongst drug users at their school.
Eventually the whole of US society becomes more aware of social issues.
Other statistical surveys for the film could concern these ideas:
Are people too dogmatic about their religion?
Should pot be legalised?
Should healthy eating be taught at all schools?
Should all jails be made farm jails where prisoners grow food?
Should cities grow food in the streets next to pavements?

6) Background: On 8 September 2014 I received the following email: "
Thank you for your correspondence of August 25, 2014, addressed to the Public Health Agency of Canada, regarding the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. 

I understand that you are interested in learning more alcohol-based products as a disinfectant for Ebola. 

Based on the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Interim Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for Care of Patients with Suspected or Confirmed Filovirus Haemorrhagic Fever in Health-Care Settings, with Focus on Ebola, located at, the WHO recommended hand wash formulation is 80% Ethanol (v/v) or 75% Isopropanol (v/v). This concentration is recommended to reduce the risks associated with flammable alcohol products. 

For environmental decontamination, which is detailed in annexes 5 and 6 of the same document, the WHO recommends using chlorine solutions for cleaning up spills of blood or body fluids by flooding the area with a 1:10 dilutions of 5.25% household bleach for 10 minutes for surfaces that can tolerate stronger bleach solutions (e.g., cement, metal). For surfaces that may corrode or discolour, the WHO recommends careful cleaning to remove visible stains followed by contact with a 1:100 dilution of 5.25% household bleach for more than 10 minutes." 
MOVIE IDEA. In conflict ridden Africa the Ebola virus is taking a huge toll. Hospitals have run out of disinfectant and the mission is to get the abovementioned disinfectants to hospitals via trucks and so on. Eventually, after a lot of trouble, the disinfectants arrive at some intended destinations.

7) BACKGROUND:  In some villages in West Africa disinfectants might be in short supply, so people might die of Ebola. However, says that Vinegar is roughly 4%-8% acetic acid by volume, making acetic acid the main component of vinegar apart from water. says that the Ebola virus is susceptible to 3% acetic acid (See SUSCEPTIBILITY TO DISINFECTANTS ) in the above. Could vinegar be used to cleanse hands and contaminated areas?
Another reference:
The effectiveness of sodium hypochlorite, which is used against the Ebola virus, is reduced by cellulose material such as paper towels and cotton cloths.
FILM IDEA: The Ebola virus is running rampant in Africa and people have left towns and cities to get away from the dead bodies and other people who are infected. One group of such people sets up a community that makes vinegar to disinfect areas and bodies. Another group has aquired sodium hypochlorite in the form of household bleach and each group makes money by selling their goods as disinfectant.
The vinegar group can keep on producing by using apples and so on to make the vinegar. The other group sells its sodium hypochlorite at a high price. The vinegar group also sells buckets and cellulose cloth material and advertises on buckets that "vinegar lasts longer." The vinegar group sell their buckets and cellulose material cloths close to the sodium hypochlorite group so that people buying the sodium chlorite and cellulose cloths find that the sodium chlorite is not so effective. The film also centres around life as people die of Ebola and how people, not displaying symptoms of Ebola yet (but who have the virus), join the groups.
 FILM IDEA: A businessman realises the potential in transporting gas, made in the UCG process, cheaply by means of a pipe network all over the United States. The technology is developed in Africa and especially South Africa where there is a lot of coal. In the film all the dealings and competition concerned with developing the pipe network first are shown. The US economy takes off as cheap energy is developed. Methanol is also produced from the UCG process and the "methanol economy" takes off. Methanol has the very important property that it is used for a fuel for fuel cells. In the film homes use methanol for heating purposes and for fuel cells to give their homes electricity.
The film shows, near the end, the world developing networks of pipes to transport coal energy, in the form of gas, cheaply. (Maybe there is an investment opportunity here for those of you who are entrepreneurs).

9) I am here in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and Muslims place adverts in the Weekend Post (local newspaper). People here have learned quite a lot and some of the information is surprising. For instance they have a reconciliatory approach to Christians even implying that Muslims will protect Christians.
See   I have found information so interesting that I suggest a documentary be made on Islam. Let me say that I am of Christian background, but believe all faiths could offer something. For instance the Muslims are good against alcohol and drugs (I do not smoke or drink at all), the Hindus are good on vegetarianism (I am a vegetarian) and the Buddhists seem good on pacifism. Also I received THE RELIGIONS BOOK recently (comparative religion type book) and am a novice so perhaps one should ask Muslims personally, but I read in this book about what the greatest sin in Islam is. The book says: " Islam is a monotheistic religion and one of its central tenets is TAWHID (literally 'oneness') the doctrine of divine unity. According to Muslim thought there is only one God, and he is single in nature, he is not a trinity, as Christians believe. The notion of TAWHID features widely in the Qur'an and forms the first part of Islam's central creed, the shahada: "There is no god but God". Conversely the doctrine of divine unity also forms THE BASIS FOR THE GREATEST SIN IN ISLAM, and one that is unforgivable, shirk, which is the violation of tawhid. Literally meaning "to share", the sin of shirk is committed when a partner is attributed to God. This is because it suggests either a belief in many gods, or a belief that God is less than perfect and therefore requires a partner." There is also some information on the various branches of Islam. Evidently the Shi'a Islam group hold that God may change his decisions (a concept called BADA'), whilst the Salafism group try to eliminate foreign influence in their interpretation and hold more literal beliefs. The book says that Salafism is said to be the fastest-growing movement worldwide. As I am no expert, it may be best to ask Muslims themselves about these concepts. Could it be that some Muslims regard violence as very Islamic in defending their faith, whilst others do not? Could presenters, for this reason, and politicians be mistaken, in part, when they say violence is not Islamic? Of course many Muslims are peaceful, but it might be similar to saying that stoning for adultery is not biblical. It is biblical, but is the bible always right if taken literally?
 For instance, on the 13 December, 2014 this appeared in an advert in the Weekend Post: "Satan's plan is but to cause enmity and hatred between you with intoxicants and gambling and hinder you from the remembrance of Almighty God, and from prayer. So will you not abstain?" Qur'an Ch5 (The Table Spread), v90-91. Now in South African newspapers deaths due to alcohol (road deaths, violence ....) and smoking (cancer, etc) are constantly reported. My question naturally arises: How do Muslims view religions that allow intoxicants? One Muslim I spoke to said that it was better in his country where they did not drink alcohol. In looking for material from different faiths for my Facebook page "RELIGION AGAINST DRUGS" I found that there is a fatwa against smoking - just Google search "ISLAM SMOKING" 
Make a film like this: A chemist has invented a chemical (perhaps derived using oil) that dissolves the surface layer of windscreens of tanks, jet windows, etc, but does not harm humans to any great extent. It is used to stop fighters from seeing outside the tank, airplane, etc. It is effective against all optical devices made of plastic or glass. Bombs with the substance in cause a spray of the chemicals and cause a cessation of fighting. It stops drones spying, etc, and people wearing glasses cannot see as they mist up. (Note that hydrogen fluoride causes glass to mist up - dissolves silicates and silicon - but this new invention does not harm humans).
The chemist has formulated both a spray concotion and a gas concoction. The gas one is released near computer centres. I makes screens go misty and computer centres close down.
War communication ceases. And the opposing sides pack up their bags and leave for homes with misted up windows.

11) BACKGROUND: FAMILIES AND CRIME.There are many crime concerns.
On 23 March I received an email from saying that Ourhood was now active in Port Elizabeth Central. Ourhood is for people in a specific neighbourhood to come together for security and other affairs affecting that neighbourhood. While you are communicating on your computer Ourhood can tell where you are. So they might see (via sattelite?) that you are in Central and that you are trying to join Ourhood Central and it seems that on this basis they might register you without proof of address.
Another security tool - Yahoo Groups. In all my years of being on the Internet I have never found a quicker way of letting people in a group (say a Central group) know what is happening.
Example: People in Central join (an existing group) and one of the group is robbed or has his house catch fire. He goes to the Yahoo group and sends a message. Now within 20 seconds or so all members in Central have the message in their email inbox and they start acting (calling a fire engine, looking outside to identify the robbers within seconds of the robbers having got out the door). If all people in that street are members the robbers will not have anywhere to go without being seen.
 FILM IDEA. Security along the lines above is implemented in a crime ridden area and the neighbourhood becomes peaceful again. The idea is then implemented in villages in remote regions where there are attacks by groups. Peace is restored in various countries.

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People may use my material below WITHOUT ASKING ME. People may use this material below FREE OF CHARGE, so if you have used it, or intend to use it, you do not owe me anything, BUT, if you do make money out of my ideas (film that is successful, etc) you could CHOOSE to give me a few dollars or so (but you do not have to) and possibly more if the film goes big (but you do not have to). Part of the idea is to give script writers, movie makers, etc, material that is worry-free. You may start writing and planning immediately using my material below without having to pay me anything in future, but if you are successful you might want to consider paying a few dollars - a gentleman's agreement rather than a formal one. If I do receive money it will encourage me to put up more ideas on this blog.
You can contact me at
ON A SMALLER SCALE:  Schools, private persons, and other entities are welcome to write plays, short stories, books  and so on based on the ideas below.  They may do this free of charge, without any obligation to pay me anything, but if they do want to pay me something please do.

A while ago someone told me that the toilet bowl had "caught fire" and she
thought this was a sign from God. I explained to her how this could have
happened and it gives me an idea for a anti-poaching Rhino film - see below:
An African man called X has been given nylon clothing by a charity. He sits down
on the toilet and expels methane gas as humans do. A spark from the static
electricity in the nylon clothing causes a fire in the bowl when the methane
ignites. He sees a rhino in the flames and views this as a sign that God is telling him to save the rhino.
He contacts a scientist who decides on the following:

Green lasers pointers (they are cheap) could be set up at various points in
rhino parks and be triggered by a metal detector on the rhino horn when a panga
or metal saw comes close to the horn. At night rangers would see approximately
where the trouble point is (green light in the air)as only laser pointers close
to the rhino would be triggered. The rangers go in helicopters to the trouble
spot. has info on green laser
pointers. There is also other material that could be used for a film at my blog

2) In this film idea the church leaders supply money to the congregation instead of the other way round. See below:

Here is an idea for a film about the church helping its congregation financially:
In the film people are losing jobs and some who were fairly comfortable now find themselves living on the streets. Some wiser ones meet up with hobos and find out how to survive on the streets by begging and sticking together to protect themselves.
  Some of the newcomers to the streets become tired of begging as it is humiliating and they are sometimes turned away. One of these begs for some money with the intention of going to an internet cafe and to make a Yahoo! Group similar to
When he has enough he makes the Yahoo Group and asks other hobos to approach a church with him. They do this and inform the priest about this Yahoo Group. They ask the priest to tell the congregation about the Yahoo Group. The priest does this and many of the people in the congregation join this Yahoo Group.
Messages are then posted at internet cafes by the hobos about what clothes they need. Church members see the messages and reply to them saying they have clothes and that the hobos can collect them after church meetings on Sundays. The hobos arrive and receive clothes and other necessities and eventually have enough goods to sell to church members and others. They also post messages on the Yahoo Group telling the church members about the cheap clothes they have to sell.
The hobos ask the priest to give them space on the church lawn to sell their wares to church members and other people passing by.
 People in the congregation see that there is an opportunity to sell their unwanted stuff to other people in the congregation and begin posting messages about what they have to sell and what they wish to buy by posting messages on the same They exchange goods after church and have boot sales after church saving on the transport costs of delivering the goods.
Some of the hobos eventually start trading at other spots as well and make enough to survive more comfortably.
Hopefully the above idea will spread throughout the world.

3) In this film idea the idea that microwaves go straight through walls is used. Even if someone is transmitting in the next room you can be bathed in microwaves. If they have a faulty microwave oven next door you can suffer severely
Microwaves are focused by wax so if you are sitting next to a big round candle
this can cause microwaves to be focused onto you in a more intense way than the
original incoming microwaves. People can get more information on the focusing of
microwaves at and
possibility of high density around big candles.


Joe and his wife Joey have been reading about the sins of global warming on sites such as
Joe decides that he will help people save on petrol by taking the church to the people, so lessening global warming from exhaust fumes. They will not have to drive to church and can save money on petrol (more for the collection plate?) and thus reduce global warming.
He buys a caravan and paints this on it:
Global warming is a sin.
Driving to church causes global warming.
SAVE on petrol and save money. 
"SAVE" yourself from sin by putting the petrol money in the bank.
Call the "SAVE caravan church" for outdoor church.
When people call Joe arranges to meet the people at a venue in their area. In this way Joe can preach for three quarters of an hour before heading to the next venue.
Unfortunately lay preachers see people gathering and try to muscle in by preaching before Joe arrives. Joe does, however, manage to overcome most obstacles and can hand round a collection plate with writing on saying "Bless us with your saving"
Joe also tells people they can join a group such as and have boot sales before church.
On his church rounds Joe engages in filmworthy events and he has to hire a body guard.
 A film series could be made - one for each church event.

6) is about how to stop vote rigging. 

7)Cult Movie Idea. The CLICK religion:
Wikipedia says:During World War II, it was observed that individuals in the radiation path of radar installations experienced clicks and buzzing sounds in response to microwave radiation. This microwave auditory effect was thought to be caused by the microwaves inducing an electric current in the hearing centers of the brain.[15] Research by NASA in the 1970s has shown this to be caused by thermal expansion in parts of the inner ear.
Ray Dar who is a power seeker decides he wants to start a new "CLICK" religion in which he has power over his sect members. He joins forces with a shady captain of a ship and advertises that spiritual tours are being offered on the ship.
The captain has the radar system of the ship rigged so that the radar waves can be directed onto the passengers.
At "church" meetings Ray Dar announces, "This clique of followers is part of the Click religion Your secret greeting to each other must start with a click made by the tongue."
At the same time of the announcement the captain directs the radar waves onto the "church" members. They hear a clicking sound and believe that Ray Dar has power over them. After many bookings, by people wanting a new religion, of his "spiritual ship tour" Ray Dar has many members of his Click religion and indoctrinates them

8) Religious Tolerance cult movie:
A con man called Conner, who wants to appease his conscience decides he will help bring religious tolerance to the world.
He knows a little chemistry and approaches a manager at a TV company. He tells the manager he has special powers and that by the power of God he can put spiritual energy into things - so much so that he can cause metal to melt. He has with him a rod of gallium that is metallic in appearance, looking like a rod of iron. When he hold it in his hand it starts to melt (gallium has a melting point of about 30 degrees C,  below body temperature).
When he appears on TV shows he demonstrates the melting of the "iron" rod and people believe he has special powers. He tells them he has a plan to promote religious tolerance throughout the world and that he will be back. In the interim he approaches government departments that are also interested in promoting tolerance - less religious wars. The government gets computer programmers to program a series of religious questions that will tax radical minds. The programs are intelligent and have a number of standard answers for the answers that radicals are likely to give. People will be shown shown, on TV, radicals battling it out with the computer and will vote for the winner (computer or religious radical). Prizes are offered and many radicals enter TV contests between man and machine.
Moderates enter the debates and eventually people are almost too busy for war and there is more religious tolerance in the world. On top of this many radicals are now known to the public and cannot hide so easily.
Occasionally the computer spits out universalism texts that imply that all men will be saved (see etc) so ingratiating people with Christians
Whenever religious conflict is set to break out people engage the parties in debates with the computer programs, and so on.

9) For people doing documentaries on spontaneous combustion, etc,:
Now imagine that a person emits methane rectally and moves, causing a spark from static electricity, because of nylon clothing, for example. It is possible that a fire could be caused igniting clothing and the body. Various people have played a game igniting their emissions using a match, so this seems easily possible.
 Many stories of spontaneous combustion have not been properly investigated. Some have relied on stories that have been told to others, and the particular type of burning evidence spoken of (only parts being burnt while others parts are inexplicably not, for example) is not always reliable.
Human beings do have fat in and under the skin. Could it be that this is the source of fuel once the fire starts and the skin has been burnt away? It is known that when meat is cooked above a flame it can catch fire as the fat burns, so this seems possible.

10)For those doing documentaries on corporal punishment:
Adelle Davis, in Lets Get Well, tells us this: "It is now generally accepted that severe crippling arthritis is a psychosomatic illness resulting largely from unconscious accumulated anger" (for example, the beaten pupil is not allowed to express his anger to the teacher beating him or her). Dr Hans Selye found that emotional stress (corporal punishment is very stressful) and harm to soft tissues produced by hitting and so on can cause calcium to be laid down in the damaged soft tissues of the body of animals. Dr Selye produced the counterparts of such human diseases as arthritis and hardening of the arteries in this manner. It seems to me that many could be suffering permanent damage due to excess calcium having been deposited because of corporal punishment and this permanent damage could be causing anger. This calcium is a sort of permanent sickness (calcium sickness?) and I also got other expert advice from a Medical Director of a medical research company who was of the opinion that a single blow used for the purpose of corporal punishment could cause excess calcium in the tissues. Excess calcium causes muscle weakness and pain. 
In more detail: 
I was glad to see this statement opposing corporal punishment by a church:

In the book "Let's get well" by Adelle Davis we find the following information:
"The great medical genius Dr Hans Selye of the University of Montreal
found that the body reacts to every kind of stress in the same
way.Under stress the adrenal cortex hormones prepare the body to meet
an emergency as follows: Proteins are broken down to form sugar, blood
pressure increases, minerals (including calcium) are drawn from the
bones and so on.
If stress is prolonged the following eventually occurs: Proteins from
the blood plasma, liver, kidneys and other parts of the body are used.
Stomach ulcers may occur because of increased hydrochloric acid and
because proteins are stolen from the stomach walls. In ulcerative
colitis there is destruction of the lining of the intestine.
One needs good nutrition to combat the bad effects of stress.
In one stress experiment with adrenal exhaustion, men became
quarrelsome, hot tempered and were easily upset. They developed low
blood pressure, extreme fatigue, muscle weakness and other problems.
Dr Selye found that under stress, after calcium has been withdrawn
from the bones, calciumcan be deposited in the soft tissues if these
tissues are harmed in any way (by being hit, etc).
By varying the type and location of harm in experimental animals, Dr
Selye produced the counterparts of such human diseases as arthritis,
hardening of the arteries and many other illnesses."
The above agrees with psychological findings that physical (corporal)
punishment often causes people to have decreased negotiation skills
and be more violent or withdrawn, etc. Corporal punishment can weaken
a nation.

See also that says:
Q: What do virtually all juvenile delinquents have in common?
A: They have been raised by spankers.

Q: What was a common feature of the childhoods of Hitler, Stalin, Pol
Pot, Saddam Hussein and Charles Manson?
A: Each one was relentlessly, severely, physically punished.

Q: What do most prisoners on death row have in common?
A: Plenty of spankings during childhood.
11)An arsonist works as a handy man at various buildings with automatic light switching - lights come on automatically at night, etc. He drills a hole in the light bulb and injects petrol or other flammable material into the bulb then leaves the building. When the lights come on at night a fire breaks out and when firemen examine the remains of buildings they report that a fire broke out at the bulb (presumably an electrical fault)
12)Mold and bacteria acting on damp hay can cause spontaneous combustion. A microbiologist creates a superbug from one of the fire causing bacteria and lets it loose. Paper mysteriously catches fire and this affects many areas where the bug has been set loose. Microbiologists battle to create a bug that will destroy this fire producing superbug, but other problems arise from the new bug
13)Once I saw a swimming pool in a hotel that was made of transparent plastic or glass and one could see people swimming by watching from below. What about a movie where a dance venue is made with transparent floors so one can see people dancing above and below (nude?). What about glass fountains and artificial fires on each floor?
14)1)This idea could inspire people to put radiation detectors into the air ventilation systems of buildings. At least one chemist has remarked on the danger of even small amounts of plutonium being put into air conditioner systems, etc. In the film terrorists put plutonium and poisonous gases into air ventilation systems. Management eventually installs detectors for these that sound an alarm.
15) I will call this THE SWIMMING POOLS. It is known by microbiologists that oil used for sunning oneself contains germs. When the oiled person jumps into the pool droplets of oil having germs in go into the water. The chlorine does not penetrate the oil well and people can catch diseases from the oil. In the film a terrorist vaccinates himself against various diseases and prepares oil with disease causing germs in. He visits swimming pools and puts the oil on himself and jumps into the pool. People swimming in the pools catch the diseases. Eventually someone figures out that people visiting swimming pools are catching diseases and measures are put in place.
16)Was pleased that someone from a movie list I post to showed interest in one of the movie ideas I posted. If people show an interest it encourages me to post my ideas to this list, so here is another idea. As I have said before, only if you find my ideas useful (a succesful movie is made, etc) would you think of offering me a hundred dollars or so (you determine the amount you want to offer for my idea). This way I am encouraged to keep on posting. People may use my ideas without asking or informing me - see
Idea: Background: Clinically Marburg virus disease and Ebola virus disease are very similar. In Aspects of Community Health edited by Charlotte Searle and Hilla Brink one reads that, "Of great interest the finding that viable Marburg and Ebola virus can persist in the human hostlong after recovery.Thus Marburg virus disease was sexually transmitted from a recovered patient to his wife and virus was found in his semen and in that of other recovered patients...
Ebola virus was, too, found in the semen of a recovered patient."
In my suggested film a terrorist group recruits people who have recovered from Ebola and Marburg virus disease and sets them up as prostitutes in countries that the terrosrists have a grudge against. Ebola breaks out and as this is a terrible disease with no cure, and often fatal, panic breaks out.
In another scenario one could have the following. A government decides to take action against drug dealers. They recruit recovered Ebola victims and set them up as prostitutes in drug-dealing areas.
Many dealers fall ill and panic breaks out amongst them. Many leave the area.
17) Chemical background:Bacteria in the sediments of the ocean floor consume organic
matter and manufacture methane gas in the process. Under high pressure and low
temperature conditions methane hydrate forms. This methane hydrate looks like
grey ice and if a match is put to it it burns. Oil companies know about the
methane hydrate and that there are vast reserves of it that could keep the world
in energy for decades. But it is believed that the methane hydrate acts as a
cement keepimg ocean floor sediments together and that drilling into it and
extracting it could cause underwater landslides and this could release vast
amounts of methane into the atmosphere causing great global warming (methane is
a greenhouse gas). Great sheets of continental ice would melt, the temperature
of ocean water would rise causing the water to expand and sea levels would rise
by perhaps 80 metres.
FILM IDEA: The world is running out of oil and an oil company decides to drill
carefully and mine the methane hydrate. However this causes sediments to shift
and vast amounts of methane enter the atmosphere. Global warming ensues and the
end of the world as we know it occurs.

18) Another idea:
The basic idea is from an old chemistry book which says that: Bismuth is used
in making alloys such as Rose's metal and Wood's metal that melt at temperatures
below the boiling point of water.

Bismuth alloys are used as plugs in automatic sprinkler systems as they melt
when there is hot air and so on from fires and so release the water.
In the movie innovative shack dwellers (perhaps with help from government) save
their community from frequent fires by using tin cans filled with bath water and
Roses's metal to manufacture sprinkler systems.

19) Sigh Kick(a fictitious character) associates himself with Ecclesiastes 10:20 which says: Do not revile the king even in your thoughts, or curse the rich in your bedroom, because a bird of the air may carry your words, and a bird on the wing may report what you say (NIV)

Sigh Kick makes the psychiatrist mad composed by Eddie Miller(Swayseeker)
Without inviting altercation
A psychic like me needs no medication
Unless lack of voices and psychic play
Keep spoiling my day

My depression allows me a solemn face
Thus depressed ambiance can embrace
And I can keep pace
With those hearing a grave voice
It is the ambiance of choice

I do not need you Mr Psychiatrist
More suitable is a para-psychologist
FILM IDEA: In the film Sigh Kick tries to become depressed so that he can imitate the dead and convey messages of grave import. In the film a psychiatrist tries to treat him, but Sigh Kick is motivated by the prospects of getting more money. He drives the psychiatrist maddingly mad and eventually has success with a para-psychologst who helps him further his ends of making more money and satisfying his clients. He frequently hums the tune above.
20) Film idea for all: I Nodrink decides that alcohol is a major cause of road deaths and other problems in society. Nodrink decides that all bottle stores should be closed and all alcohol be banned. He advertises his stance and is joined by various religious groups and others. Eventually some people join him who claim that the prescription drugs they are taking have similar effects to that of alcohol and Nodrinks society goes into action against drink and over-prescribing of medication. People find that they are now able to save more money, and the society improves.
21)A taggant is a nonreactive substance added to an explosive that may be traced after the explosive is exploded or it is a substance added that allows dogs, etc to detect explosives before they explode.
 After another bomb goes off in the US activists lobby for the use of taggants in all ammonium nitrate fertiliser products and other products used for explosives throughout the world. Special agents manage to infiltrate factories where ammonium nitrate fertilizer and explosives are manufactured and add taggants to the chemicals during manufacture. After the next bomb the terrorists are more easily traced because of taggants in the explosives telling agents where the explosives were bought.
22)THE YEAR 2050 and the "URUSHIOL OIL KING"
It is 2050 and long pipes with semipermeable membranes on the deep end are being lowered into the oceans so that the membrane side is deeper than 230 metres. The pipe harvests fresh water because the hydroststic pressure at this depth is greater than the osmotic pressure (reverse osmosis). Genetic engineers have manufactured organisms that they put into the oceans that reflect light back into space, thus cooling the earth and lessening global warming (part of the oceans look like silver mirrors). Terrorism has become rife and research is being done on  explosive taggants and taggants that are added to metals and other materials that might be used in bombs so that the origins of all parts of bombs can be traced. This is a new field and vast data bases are kept on the taggants added to metals and electronic equipment to facilitate the tracing of manufacture sites for all materials.
Urushiol oil (from poison ivy) is being used as a non-lethal weapon by countries (10 grams of urushiol oil is enough to give every person on earth a rash) The oil is used to clear areas of combatants and the "Urushiol Oil King" has developed canisters that spray the oil into the surroundings to deter people from following him as he escapes. He sprays stationary vehicles that might be used to follow him so that people getting into them develop rashes.
23)A film could be made on a patient who asks his psychiatrist questions of a religious and political nature and then gets his psychiatrist involved in community arguments - see below
To my mind some of the main causes of anxiety and depression are money worries and conflict brought about by political differences and religious differences.
For instance I heard a Christian and a Muslim arguing about who could be saved. Many Christians believe that Jesus is the only way. The argument caused anxiety and it is the sort of thing I believe psychiatrists could not easily find a solution to. From a religious perspective, universalist Christians believe that the bible says that people of all religions can be saved (search for “universalism” on the internet to find biblical texts on this).
As for conflicts, it seems a sociological solution should be found and again I doubt that psychiatrists will have a personal solution for patients. I personally believe too many people are being drugged and if one searches on the internet one will find Yahoo groups such as Wildestcolts ( ), Medfree ( ) and SSRI-Crusaders (  ) that oppose the prescribing of so much medication.
24) What about someone making a documentary on the following?
Someone told me a while ago that there were many fundamentalist Christians in
psychiatric institutions. Could this be because the subconscious is saying this
sort of thing?: Romans chapter 13 says that all governments must be obeyed and
our government is waging war. 2 Corinthians 10:3 says that although we live in
the world we do not wage war as the world does. I must therefore wage war and
not wage war at the same time.
Concerning the burial of Jesus, Matthew 28 says that Mary Magdalene and the
other Mary went to look at the tomb, that there was a violent earthquake, and
that an angel of the Lord rolled back the stone sealing the tomb and sat on the
Mark 16 says that Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome went to
the tomb and found that the stone had been rolled away.
Luke ch 24 says that the women found that the stone had been rolled away and
that two men in gleaming clothes stood beside them.
John 20 says that Mary Magdalene went to the tomb, saw the stone had been
removed and ran to Simon Peter and another disciple.
In the documentary psychologists and psychiatrists could be questioned as to whether they are capable of handling religious conflict problems. They could be asked:
What help is medication when it does not solve this sort of problem?
Would a religious suicide bomber be diagnosed as sane, yet less aggressive acts be considered insane? Do they allow patients to question them regarding religious issues?
Another religious issue patients and psychiatrists could be interviewed on is:
Early Christians believed that the would be an early second coming as did Paul when he wrote that not all of them would die (1 Cor 15:51) before this Day.
In 2 Cor 1.9 it seems Paul realized he might die before the second coming and from that time little was heard about this expected event.
In 2 Peter (possibly the latest of the New Testament books), in an attempt to explain why Jesus had not come again, it is stated that a thousand years is like one day to God.
Do people, who preach that the Day is near, have the same sort of erroneous thinking as the early Christians? Are they constantly being disappointed?
Of course there are many other biblical reasons fundamentalist Christians might be in psychiatric institutions and a documentary could be very interesting.

25) Why not make a film based on the idea below:
 People, why not contact your government and save billions throughout the world on education? Here is what you might tell your government about. Also tell your Students Representative Council (SRC)
This could be applied to countries throughout the world. I am living in South Africa and I have proposed that the government here have standard textbooks for various subjects that one could download from the internet or buy at bookstores. People could then study using these and write exams without having to register at a university. This would save a huge amount of money. It could be done with subjects that are already offered by distance learning.
The only cost to the student would be the books and exam fees.
I completed my BSc through UNISA and feel that this is a very feasible situation.
People who used the above idea (if and when) could form study groups, rope the media in and so on. A Google group or Yahoo group, Facebook page, etc, could be very effective for mathematics, for example. Perhaps the government could supply assignments and then later send out solutions (perhaps as downloads on the internet). Newspapers could play a part. Some subjects I can think of that could be studied like this are applied mathematics, computer science, statistics, mathematics.
In the film there is a group of students that cannot afford university fees and they meet to decide on a plan of action. They approach government along the lines stated above and form study groups. Students with degrees offer their services free to the study groups. They form internet groups for remaining in contact with each other. They download their course material and write exams. Their only major cost is their exam fees.

26) I am writing about a possible scenario where methane is emitted, it causes global warming which causes more methane to be emitted from methane hydrate deposits which causes more global warming. A vicious and ever accelerating cycle develops:
Already a methane release in the arctic caused by global warming could cost the global
economy trillions of US dollars, but is it more serious and could this
spell the end of the world as we know it, unless we reduce global
Chemical background:Bacteria in the sediments of the ocean floor consume organic
matter and manufacture methane gas in the process. Under high pressure and low
temperature conditions methane hydrate forms. This methane hydrate looks like
grey ice and if a match is put to it it burns. Oil companies know about the
methane hydrate and that there are vast reserves of it that could keep the world
in energy for decades. But it is believed that the methane hydrate acts as a
cement keeping ocean floor sediments together and that drilling into it and
extracting it could cause underwater landslides and this could release vast
amounts of methane into the atmosphere causing great global warming (methane is
a greenhouse gas). Great sheets of continental ice would melt, the temperature
of ocean water would rise causing the water to expand and sea levels would rise
by perhaps 80 metres.
Methane is a potent greenhouse gas and scientists have speculated that the abrupt release of
methane hydrates may have hastened the end of the last ice age - the global warming effect of the methane caused warm water to melt the methane hydrate with drastic effects.

Scientists know that if you can make water less dense by filling it with bubbles of gas or foam, objects that would normally float could be caused to sink. So if you had gas coming from methane hydrate on the ocean floor this could in certain circumstances cause a ship to to sink (Google search "methane hydrate Bermuda triangle")
Now suppose someone has drilled into methane hydrate deposits and methane gas is bubbling up. Passing ships might then sink. Movies could be based on this idea. Of course countries might think of methods to create a huge amount of bubbles in an area of the sea to sink enemy ships. Perhaps they might think of creating a foam that would reduce the density of the sea in a certain area that could be made by submarines.

28) The United States finds that there are too many people in jails and
it decides to create large farms where the prisoners are taught to
farm. They find that the inmates of these farms enjoy farming and do
not want to leave and a psychologically healthier climate prevails
with less people having psychological problems in these farm prisons.
The government then decides that they will create areas where people
who are unemployed or who are leaving the prison system can hire land
without having to buy it. These unemployed people have to undergo
training in farming before they can hire this land. The number of
unemployed in the US drops and fewer people have psychological
problems. The US becomes a happier place.
The farms are managed so that people can only hire enough land for
small scale farming. The government tells them what crops to plant and
provides support services. When it is time to plow the land the person
hiring the land contacts the support services and they arrange for one
of their tractors to come and plow. When the crops are ready the
government comes to collect the produce. In this way a whole lot of
small farms can act as a big cooperative by planting the same crops as
each other. The government can thus regulate the supply of goods based
on the needs of the United States.
A man goes on holiday to a small seaside resort. He enters a small building with a sign on saying "Debate Cottage".
After entering he sees a number of topics for debate written on a blackboard. People are debating one of the topics. The topic is "What would have happened if we had not gone to war?"
He sees that some of the people look like past presidents of the United States and other countries. As the debate continues he sees images of what the debating people are talking about.
This movie concept indicated above will allow scriptwriters to deal with many topics in short movies. The scriptwriter just introduces debate topics and as the people in the Debate Cottage debate, scenes of the debate enfold. Let me call this concept "DEBATE COTTAGE MOVIES" 
Some simple non-dramatic debate topics on the blackboard in the Debate Cottage are:
1)Should politicians be held more accountable
2)Should people take self defense lessons?
3)Are too many people taking prescription drugs?
4)Are people too dogmatic about their religion?
5)Should pot be legalised?
6)Should people be more careful about their diet?
7)Does eating a lot of meat make one constipated?
8)Should healthy eating be taught at all schools?
9)If smoking were banned in pubs, would people be more inclined to bring their children to these pubs?
10)Should people exercise more?
11)Should there be a law compelling bosses not to be rude or abrupt?
12)Should all jails be made farm jails where prisoners grow food?
13)Should there be more buskers (people playing music on a casual basis) in cities?
14)Should smoking be outlawed throughout the world?
15)Should there be more neutering of dogs?
16)Should cities grow food in the streets next to pavements?
17)Do all the people driving to church each Sunday increase global warming significantly
Perhaps this Debate Cottage concept will help movie makers, scriptwriters and so on, generate movie ideas from simple debate topics.
30) Circumcision movie idea: Two couples Janenot and Johnnot (Johnnot is
intact, ie uncircumcised) and Jane and John are discussing sex with
each other at a restaurant.
Jane and John ask Janenot and Johnnot if they think having sex with an
uncircumcised partner is better? They argue and both couples decide to
tour the country together and interview couples with circumcised
partners and other couples with uncircumcised partners about their
Sometimes the women partners being interviewed  talk about the times they had sex before
marriage with circumcised and uncircumcised men and the men (both
circumcised and intact) tell how they enjoyed sex with partners before
 Some information may be got from and
It has been reported at
journal/116-1181/595/ that there could be a greater chance of vaginal
dryness in the female when having sex with a circumcised male (as
opposed to an uncircumcised male). Vaginal dryness can cause abrasions
in the woman and therefore result in greater chance of the woman
becoming infected with HIV. It also reports that: O’Hara and O’Hara
reported that women who had experienced coitus with both intact and
circumcised men preferred intact partners by a ratio of 8.6 to one.4
Most women (85.5%) in that survey reported that they were more likely
to experience orgasm with a genitally intact partner: ‘They [surveyed
women] were also more likely to report that vaginal secretions
lessened as coitus progressed with their circumcised partners (16.75,
Now if women are more satisfied with an uncircumcised male partner,
could it be they would be less inclined to stray and spread HIV?

31) Note: This is a type of  DEBATE COTTAGE film idea below (see article 29 on  ), where a lot of short stories unfold. THIS COULD ENABLE SCRIPTWRITERS TO COLLABORATE WITH EACH SCRIPTWRITER WRITING ONE STORY FOR SUCH A FILM. and the whole film script could be done fast. This is a general idea that could be done for many films.
Mick and Michael are musicians who perform at old age homes and other venues. They know there is debate on the Internet about the pronunciation of mic (short for microphone), with some saying it should be pronounced 'mick' and others saying it should be pronounced 'mike'.
Mick and Michael know that in old age homes people are often bored, so when they arrive and set up Mick yells, "Check micks one two and three. Michael then starts an argument with him , shouting, "The abbreviation 'mic' is pronounced 'mike'. 
Mick: Whenever you shout out 'mike' you startle all the Mikes in the audience.
Michael: Whenever you shout out 'mick' you startle the Micks in the audience.
Mick: There are fewer Micks than Mikes in audiences, so I startle less people Also he word microphone was coined from the Greek mikros (pronounced meekros. In Afrikaans, Norwegian and so on, their words for microphone are pronounced something like mick.... To keep languages more similar and easy to understand iwhy not have the English pronunciation sounding like mickrophone which is nearer the original Greek? Does anyone here for more understanding of languages?
Mick and Michael then ask people to side with either one of them and a lively debate ensues amongst the elderly residents. 
After some years 'mick' appears in more dictionaries as an acceptable pronunciation for 'mic' and residents in old age homes cheer up.
Mick and Michael also ask the residents to come up and tell others how they arrived at the old age home and many stories unfold. As the stories unfold vivid mental (and film) images unfold.

32) Mattie develops a roll-up mat that is easy to carry and makes a squeaky crunching sound whenever people walk on it. Mattie uses this for security purposes rolling out the mat under his window, his office door, etc. He hires similar mats out to people who want to hear people approaching their rooms, etc.
Mattie saves himself from various dangerous situations using the mat.
More ideas about a mat:a security mat: When people camp out in the bush
they need to know when dangerous animals are approaching. I am proposing that a security mat be manufactured. This mat could be placed close to entrances of tents and so on. When a big animal steps on it the mat sends an electronic signal to a receiver near the person wanting protection. There are many other security uses for this proposed mat. People could put it in front of windows, office doors, etc. Another type of mat not using electronics could be manufactured by putting material in the mat that make a squeaky (or other) noise when trodden on. The mat could take many shapes such as circular with a hole in the centre for a tent an so on. This mat could be put in front of office doors and so on, to announce the proximity of people. It could have an electronic eye in it to relay details of the person or animal standing on the mat. A heavier mat could be made so that it cannot me moved easily. Someone said that when one looks through the door spy hole to see who is on the other side the burglar might shoot you through the spy lens and so a security mat is an excellent idea. A mat that does not use electronics, but had squeaky gravel inside could also be developed.
Some background: says:
A 1998 patent describes a device that can scare off birds from wind turbines, aircraft, and other sensitive installations by way of microwave energy pulses. Using frequencies from 1 GHz to about 40 GHz, the warning system generates pulses of milliseconds duration, which are claimed to be sensed by the birds' auditory systems. It is believed this may cause them to veer away from the protected object.
The above article also says: "Microwave hearing may be useful to provide a disruptive condition to a person not aware of the technology. Not only might it be disruptive to the sense of hearing, it could be psychologically devastating if one suddenly heard "voices within one's head".

Film idea: Microwaves go through walls and people in the United States start suffering symptoms of clicking in their heads. Some suspect terrorists are directing microwaves through mall walls and flat walls and are thus radiating people inside malls and flats. 
As metal reflects microwaves and water attenuates them to some extent, people have set up huge fish tanks in their rooms and metal mirrors to reflect the microwaves back.
People have started joining groups such as
that tell them how to detect microwaves using electronic equipment. People search for sites using 'microwave shielding' searches and clothing shops manufacturing suits made of material that protects against microwaves spring up. The government sets up websites on protection against microwaves and warns people about weapons such as energy weapons ( )

34)FILM IDEA ON KEEPING AIRLINES SAFE FROM MISSILE ATTACK: Eventually I felt pressured to give South Africans my ideas, via newspapers, etc, on keeping airliners safe from missile attack and now I am giving you the ideas - see below:
KEEPING AIRLINES SAFE:I was reading that a whole lot of aluminium foil pieces dropped from aircraft can fool radar. For terrorist missile attacks against commercial aircraft, etc what about this?:
The aircraft under attack drops a shiny aluminium parachute with a burning object attached to the parachute. The parachute would reflect the light and hopefully fool the missile's heat detection system. A whole lot of shiny aluminium foil pieces could be dropped along with the parachute with the burning material. This shiny material would shield the hot aircraft engine from the heat sensors of the missile. and the missile would hopefully head towards the parachute and its burning material. The parachute could have heavy metal material in so that the missile explodes when the missile hits it.
Perhaps very fine aluminium material could be dropped behind the aircraft - that is possibly a research field.
What if fine particles of aluminium became sticky (put a chemical on them that becomes gluey on contact with oxygen) after they were ejected by the airliner and they stuck to the heat sensors of the missile? That could confuse the missile system as aluminium reflects electromagnetic radiation. I am not an expert, but what about hydrogen fluoride being expelled by the airliner - it dissolves glass (and silicates, computer chips?, etc) and could possibly be used to damage the cover of the heat sensor (although there would probably not be time to damage it) ? These are just vague ideas, but I think that if one really got down to the business of thinking how to harm heat sensors or cover them with metal dust, etc, one would come up with a solution. What about spraying out a solution of Tollens reagent and also spraying out an aldehyde so that they mix. Perhaps a silver mirror would be formed on the heat sensor of the missile and also form a silver cloud shielding the airliner's engines from the heat sensor of the missile. If the missile were covered with this mirror a Faraday cage would be formed not allowing electromagnetic radiation (radar, radio waves, heat light, etc) to enter or leave the missile.

35) Possibly some futuristic film ideas could be got from this idea of mine. REGARDING POLLUTED RIVERS:

Dam the river up with a high dam wall. Let the polluted water out through pipes with a semipermeable membrane at the bottom end. If the pipes are long enough and vertical enough reverse osmosis would occur at the bottom end of the pipe, where the membrane is, because of the high polluted water pressure near the bottom. A tap could be built in to the bottom end just above the membrane to let out the concentrated water solution. This concentrated water solution could be processed to produce chemicals for the chemical industry.
This system would also allow research companies to easily test semipermeable membranes (put different membranes on the bottom of the pipe).
These long pipes could also be used for treatment of the water, using flocculation, precipitation to remove metal ions, and so on.
Perhaps these pipes could be made of clear plastic so that operators could see what was going on and let out precipitated material, by means of a tap near the bottom of the pipe.
An important fact is that if the concentration of the polluted water is decreased (precipitation, etc) you will only need a shorter pipe to perform reverse osmosis. More scientifically the osmotic pressure equals MRT where M is the molarity (concentration), R is the gas law constant and T is the Kelvin temperature. Examples: With a molarity (concentration) of 0,1 moles per litre a pipe with a column of water about 25 metres in height is needed. With a concentration of 1 mole per litre a column of about 250 metres in height is needed. The osmotic pressure of sea water is about 30 atmospheres and a column of sea water about 300 m in height is needed (about 10 m height of sea water gives a pressure of about 1 atmosphere).
Perhaps lime softening could be used to reduce the concentration of the solution in the pipe -see below. says: In lime softening, there is a substantial reduction in total dissolved solids (TDS). In ion exchange softening (sometimes referred to as zeolite softening), there is no significant change in the level of TDS.
Lime softening can also be used to remove iron, manganese, radium and arsenic from water.

36) Idea for a movie: Noiser develops a machine that can play various blues and other songs that disguise toilet noises by having loud drums and base (bass) sounds. The film shows how he goes from rags to riches as people take these machines to the toilets. PS If someone develops such a machine and there is not already a patent please give me a cut of the profits.
FUTURE: Scientists develop a catalyst similar to that used in car exhausts, but that can be sprayed onto buildings. The buildings then help reactions in the polluted air that convert toxic gases to non-toxic gases. The owners of such buildings get tax relief from municipalities and governments.
NON-Lethal Weapon: Background: In the Winter of 1914 the German army used chlorine in chemical warfare on the Russian front. Surprisingly this was fairly ineffective. Later it was found that the chlorine had formed a hydrate with the ice. Only later, when the weather warmed up, was the deadly chlorine gas released.
FUTURE: Scientists develop an ice-like hydrate having a fun inducing gas in in solid form. They drop this ice-like substance from drones into conflict areas. When this substance warms up it releases the "fun" chemical and people start laughing and 'having fun.'

38) BACKGROUND: A while ago there was a lot of volcanic ash in the air and airlines grounded their aircraft. Military strategists must have thought about this sort of situation as a method of keeping safe from attack by enemy aircraft.
There are other obvious methods, such as heating up masses of air so that aircraft are partially incinerated, depriving large areas of air of oxygen so that aircraft fuel will not burn in that air, having a corrosive or abrasive substance in the air that will destroy aircraft engines, and so on. One can deprive the air of oxygen by burning (using up the oxygen) substances that will continue to burn, even when concentrations of oxygen are low, so that most of the oxygen is used up. Hydrogen will burn in air when its concentrations are as low as 4% or as high as 75%. Acetylene is similar. Metals that store hydrogen (interstitial hydrides) could be used to provide hydrogen for burning. A powder of an interstitial hydride, or other suitable substance, and white phospherous would form a hot burning cloud. Hydrogen has a very fast flame speed so one could have an almost instantaneously burning cloud.
Imagine that missiles and aircraft are launched against your country. If you could find their possible course you could make them go through hot clouds, clouds deprived of oxygen, corrosive substances, etc.
One of the most reactive substances is fluorine. If one could corrode engines using this it might save one and here I mention xenon hexafluoride (which is expensive). It is a solid that is stable in dry air at room temperature. However it reacts with moisture to give xenon trioxide and hydrogen fluoride. The hydrogen fluoride is HIGHLY CORROSIVE and the xenon trioxide is highly unstable and detonates if warmed above room temperature.
The method of creating defensive clouds could stop aircraft and attacking missiles. 

FILM IDEA: Missiles and aircraft are on the way to devastate a country. Citizens employ the defensive clouds methods and eventually the last missile is destroyed before it lands in this country. There are spectacular fires in the sky, planes running out of oxygen for their fuel, etc. Remember that hydrogen fluoride is used to etch glass - makes it go misty - so that attacking pilots cannot see. Another chemical is sprayed into the path of attacking jets so that plastic windows, etc, go misty.
39) Film idea: Cows and sheep that slaughter each other with a smile on their faces: 
Besides antibiotics, sheep and cattle are fed a new anti-depressant that keeps them happy all the time so they grow bigger and fatter. The drug keeps the sheep and cows happy no matter what they do. Generally they are peaceful, but sometimes they suddenly become violent and attack each other, always smiling. People eating beef and mutton are also affected by the anti-depressant and are always happy, even when stealing and committing acts of violence. Eventually religious groups that oppose the use of alcohol decide that the effects of the anti-depressant are similar to those of alcohol and they start a drive to end the use of this anti-depressant in farm 
animals. Farmers and these religious groups battle it out.

In 'Chemistry' by Raymond Chang we read: "A recent technological innovation to combat photochemical smog is to coat automobile radiators and air conditioner compressors with a platinum catalyst. So equipped a running car can purify the air that flows under the hood by converting ozone and carbon monoxide to oxygen and carbon dioxide... A drive on the freeway would help clean up the air!"

The above information by Chang gives me this FILM IDEA: 
IN THE FILM: Have parts of buildings that are hot (same sort of temperature as an automobile radiator) coated with a platinum catalyst or build a concrete grid there and coat it with the catalyst. Perhaps that section of the building could be heated using sunlight. If many buildings were built like this it could reduce pollution. Government could offer incentives to build such coated structures.
The mines or an entrepreneur could develop a mesh covered with the catalyst that could be draped over buildings or draped in busy streets. It might look like a gauze curtain material.
In the film an entrepreneur develops the cloth (wire) mesh material with the catalyst on and has it draped from building to building in streets of polluted cities. He makes a fortune and competitors also come into the game. Some have a dark material that is heated by sunlight (to speed up chemical reactions) mixed with the material having the catalyst on. Mirrors and parabolic reflectors are manufactured to reflect sunlight onto the catalyst material draped in streets.

41) BACKGROUND: Concerning 'green energy' the following efficient method has been put forward by P Glaser of Arthur D Little Inc.: Solar satellite stations would absorb sunlight energy and beam it to earth in the form of microwaves. This energy would be collected by huge receiving antennas on earth. Various scientists have considered the idea.
Film Idea:
Now I suppose governments have thought of this and in the film a government implements the following: It builds a huge satellite station that harvests energy from the sun. It beams the microwave (in the form of maser energy) onto pirates attacking ships and so on (a non-lethal weapon). Armies in conflict areas are be subdued and criminals around the world are targeted.
42)TRUE BACKGROUND: A while ago I saw a Christian and a Muslim arguing about who could be saved (Christian said Jesus was only way and Muslim said it was wrong to say only Christians could be saved). A preacher also told me that his Muslim friends did not like people saying that only Christians could be saved. 
Some years ago there was a big drive in the United States and Canada to promote universalism (the idea that all people were saved). 
To see the strong evidence and discussion of the Greek text, etc, see
For example: 1 Cor. 15:22 — “For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive.” 2. Similarly, the verb “made alive” is nowhere used of unbelievers. Kittel’s Theological Dictionary says of this Greek word, “In the New Testament and post-apostolic fathers [it] always means ‘to make alive’ in the soteriological [saving] sense” (*1).

FILM IDEA. To decrease religious tension a group decides to take the concept of universalism to all schools in the United States. They have many religious altercations, but gradually religious groups become more liberal in their thinking.
Here is some information I got from a chemistry book:
A technique developed in Australia could help with the identification of the source of stolen gold. Scientists heat a tiny spot of gold with a laser. The vapourized gold and its trace elements are swept by a stream of argon gas into a mass spectrometer. Now a comparison of the contents of the gold with a library of gold content from known sources is made and this identifies the source of the gold.
Could this be used with copper and other metals (perhaps even rhino horn)? Perhaps it is being used already. Reference: Chemistry by Raymond Chang
Will a computer program be developed that can tell if the gold or copper is from two or more sources using ratios of elements and a database? So the comparison might say, "This looks like a mixture of gold from source A and source B.
FILM IDEA: Students are involved in creating a program that can tell the sources of gold and copper even if they are from different sources and melted down. It will be used to catch metal thieves. Various things happen as thieves hear of the development of the program. After it has come into use thieves try to destroy the database it is using.